The Zoning Board of Appeals hears cases concerning variances from the Village of Shabbona Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Ordinance is the set of standards, rules, and procedures for the improvement of property within the Village of Shabbona.

For questions regarding Zoning, please contact the Village Building Inspector, Seth Sommers, B&F Construction Codes Inc (847-428-7010).

If a zoning variance is needed, please submit all of the following to the Village Clerk:

  • Application for Zoning Variance (printable form is at bottom of this page)

  • Building Permit Application (printable form is at bottom of this page)

  • Legal description of property, including PIN (parcel index number)

  • Plat Survey showing location and dimensions of the property lines, easements, and buildings on the property

  • Site Plan showing location and dimensions of the proposed use or construction

  • If applicant is not property owner, a letter from property owner granting permission for applicant to apply for variance is required

  • List and notification of property owners within 250’ of PIN (printable form is at bottom of this page)

  • Any other supporting documentation that may be requested by the Zoning Administrator

The Village Zoning Administrator will review all Zoning Variance Applications and supporting documents. Once application is complete and accepted, you will be placed on the agenda for the next available Zoning Board meeting and the Village clerk will notify you of the date and time of the meeting.

All variances require a Public Hearing. Your zoning variance will be published in the local newspaper no less than fifteen (15) days before the Zoning Board meeting. All property owners adjacent to your property will also be notified by the Village summarizing the requested zoning variation and inviting them to attend the Public Hearing.

All Zoning Board of Appeals meetings and public hearings are held at Shabbona Village Hall, located at 206 S. Blackhawk Street.

It is necessary that the applicant, or an authorized representative of the applicant, attend the public hearing in order to present the case and answer questions from the public and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

  • The public will be permitted to testify, after which the Zoning Board will question the applicant.

  • The public hearing will be closed and the Zoning Board will conduct a “findings of fact.” This is a summary of testimony given during the public hearing which focuses on the validity of the alleged hardship and the effect the proposed variation will have on the subject property as well as adjoining property.

  • A motion will be made by the Zoning Board of Appeals to grant, deny, or amend the zoning variance request. The Zoning Board may impose conditions and restrictions on the variance as it sees fit to protect adjacent property owners.

  • The recommendations and findings of the Zoning Board of Appeals are provided to the Shabbona Village Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees will vote at the next regularly scheduled Village Board Meeting. The decision of the Village Board is final.

Application for Zoning Variance form

Application for Building Permit form

Adjacent Property Owners form

Payment Required: The applicant shall pay the Village of Shabbona an administrative fee of $75 in order to defray expenses of the public hearing. The administrative fee shall be paid at the time the application is submitted to the Village Clerk.