Well #6

In order to be compliant with EPA requirements, more than one well must be available to meet our village water requirements.  The current back-up well is limited on output and not compliant. Well #6 began in 2016 and the Village has applied for and has project approval for an Illinois EPA loan to complete Well #6. The new well house will contain a filtering system for multiple contaminants and water quality.  This well house will be compatible to surrounding communities who have also had to meet current EPA guidelines for new wells.

Water Main Looping

Also included in the IL EPA loan is system improvements for water mains: looping North Illini Street, looping South Shabbona Road/Preserve Road to sewer plant, and increasing size of the water main on West Navaho Avenue. This work is being done to increase water flow to meet requirements for water pressure and fire flow.

sludge removal & aeration system


Sludge removal at Sewer Plant is scheduled to begin in July/August 2019. In 2008 growth of village and surrounding area declined, and while our waste treatment was designed to encompass future growth it has reached a saturation point and requires cleaning out and refurbishment of the Aeration system. Following EPA guidelines, the company awarded the contract for sludge removal will be applying as fertilizer to fields in Illinois. Aeration system refurbishment work will be done after completion of sludge removal.