Coming Soon…

We have gotten IDOT approval for wayfinding signs for the Village of Shabbona. Signs will be installed by mid-April, weather permitting.

Top Left: East & West edges of town on Rt. 30 Top Right: North side Preserve Road across from State Park exit sign. Bottom signs will be installed along Rt.30.

There will also be directional signs for Central Business District installed at Shabbona Rd and Preserve Rd 4-way stop and before the stop sign on Indian Rd and Rt. 30.

Residents interested in a No Soliciting sign to put in their window or door can pick up a FREE one at the Village Office on Wednesdays 3pm-7pm or Saturdays 9am-Noon.

snowy shabbona.jpg

Snow Plowing:

Please make sure that you are helping the Village plows to clear our streets. SNOWFALL PARKING: according to ordinance (5-3-4) vehicles should not be parked on the street until snow removal is completed. If you do need to park on the street, please remember to observe the ODD & EVEN Parking Rule.

According to house numbers:

ODD days of the month park on the ODD side of the street

EVEN days of the month park on the EVEN side of the street

SIDEWALKS also need to be cleared by the owner, agent or occupant of a lot whose front yard or corner side yard abuts a public sidewalk designated as a Pedestrian Safety Route.

Also, make sure your garbage bins have been removed from the streets and sidewalks.