Village Spring Clean Up Week:  June 18-21

Electronic Recycling:  June 23  9am-Noon

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Congratulations and Welcome DON GONCHER, Acting Village President!

June 1, 2018, swearing in of Acting Village President Don Goncher by Deputy Village Clerk Jen Morrison.

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Thank you, Claudia Hicks, for your service to the Village of Shabbona!

Starting in 1973 as Village Clerk, then Village President from 2003 until her retirement May 31st, 2018, Claudia was an integral part of the Village of Shabbona. Thank you!

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Village Spring Clean Up Week:  June 18-21                                            Electronic Recycling:  June 23 from 9am-Noon

Spring Clean Up Week:  Place items to be picked up on the curb.  Please do not place anything in dumpsters yourself and do not climb on or enter any of the dumpsters.

Electronic Recycling:  9am-Noon at Shabbona Village Building, 206 S Blackhawk Street.  Proof of Residency is required (ie Driver's License)

4th Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony at Indian Creek Elementary School:  May 24, 2018                  There were 271 K-4 students, 20 faculty, 35 parents, and Tree Board members Fred Vandre and Butch Flewellin present.  Thank you Principal Mantzke, the elementary school faculty, IC school administration, and school board for your great support!  A resolution was passed by the Village of Shabbona Board to plant this tree in honor of Claudia Hicks.  Photo credit:  Trevor Davis.